Florida 4H Agency | Join Youth from all Over the State in a State Service Project
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Join Youth from all Over the State in a State Service Project

Join Youth from all Over the State in a State Service Project

The Florida 4-H State Executive Board, has been working on a service project called Chemo Kits that falls in line with the statewide “Clothing the World” Project.  Chemo Kits are a care package that contains items, like headbands, hats, art supplies, and stuffed animals for children, and adults going through Chemotherapy.  The hope is that the items in the kits, will help with the side effects of undergoing treatment as well as provide as sense of hope, and comfort, as they undergo the challenges of cancer.  The State Service Project Committee planned this project, at their 1st meeting back in September, and all Executive Board Members, worked to sew the bags that will contain the kits at their 2nd meeting, in January. Since then, members throughout the state, have been working hard, to collect the items needed for the kits. Finally at the 3rd meeting, Executive Board Members brought all the items together and compiled the kits, completing the final step of the project.  We hope that the kits will encourage and comfort chemotherapy patients, as well as, let them know that people care, and are rooting for them, as they go through such a difficult time. Other 4-H youth from around the state have started similar Chemo Kit projects, in line with this one. We would like for the Chemo Kit Project to continue to grow, so that we can make an even greater impact in the lives of cancer patients throughout Florida.  

If you are interested in starting the project in your area, here is the list of suggested items for the ktis.

Coloring Books

Beanies/ Headbands


Crayons/Coloring Pencils

Stuffed Animals

Water Bottles

 For more project ideas that fall the under the “Clothing the World” State Project, take a look at the State Project Guide Book, attached below.


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