Florida 4H Agency | Meet the Chair of the State Project Committee
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Meet the Chair of the State Project Committee

Meet the Chair of the State Project Committee

Every two years, the Florida 4-H Program begins a new state service project initiative. The State Project is planned and promoted by a committee of youth from across the state. State Council Reporter, Miguel Bermeo, sat down with Megan Mahoney to talk about her role as chair of the State Project Committee and ways that Florida 4-H Members can get involved.

Miguel: What is Project LIFE?

Megan: Project LIFE stands for, “Living in Florida’s Environment.” It is the theme for Florida 4-H’s environmental service project.

Miguel: What do you plan to accomplish?

Megan: As committee chair and the committee as a whole, we planned to work this next year and make a positive impact on the various ecosystems that Florida has to offer. Also, we wanted to educate youth across the state on the importance of environmental conservation; Florida’s unique ecosystems play a large part in our tourism industry and are something that need to be taken care of.

Miguel: What is it like, being a state officer and chairing such an important committee?

Megan: Having the wonderful opportunity of steering this committee has helped educate me on the importance of youth in the community. Ultimately, the future of Florida’s Environment is in our (the youth) hands, and being able to point youth in a direction to where they will make a difference for tomorrow, is an experience like no other.

Miguel: How will project LIFE leave its impact on Florida 4-H?

Megan: I strongly believe that Project LIFE will leave a large impact on Florida 4-H, the environment is a large component of what makes Florida- Florida. With 4-H Members being involved around the state, this project will allow 4-H to finally be in the spotlight and be recognized on a greater level for the hard work that each youth does to benefit tomorrow.

Miguel: Finally, what is your favorite part of 4-H? More specifically, what are you really passionate for in this organization?

Megan: My personal favorite part of 4-H is the opportunity to touch the lives of others. Through Community Service and having the privilege to hold leadership positions, it has allowed me to help the youth and the community.

To learn more about Project LIFE and environmental service projects you can lead in your community, check out the Project LIFE Guidebook found here.


Megan Mahoney

Miguel Bermeo


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